Rather than whaffle on about my short time in Utah recently I thought I would copy and paste the below section from Andrew McAllister's blog before I make my point..

Images from my trip out there earlier this week. Part of my photo education was looking at the work of Richard Misrach at the Akron Art Museum and in books. Through his work I was introduced to another very beautiful and at times disturbing side of the west. A side not seen in the work of Ansel Adams and his followers or the colorful commercial photos shot almost exclusively in dramatic light or the golden hour that we see on posters and post cards. Photographing around the salt flats was like a pilgrimage of sorts. A beautiful place for sure. With so many images and commercials taken there what can I possibly expect to take away from it that is original? Wile I love photographing in the west that is a constant question.

While I agree with Mr McAllister in part, I think his statement of not being able to take away anything 'original' (regarding himself) from a place like the Bonville Salt flats (or any other place in the USA for that matter) is a bit of a thin statement.
I do get tired of people, in particular photographers, making assumptions like these as they only strengthen such a false statement. Personally I have never been put off by taking a camera somewhere that has become a mecca for photographers (such as the Salt Flats of Utah). In fact it makes me all the more determined. This is not to say that I will copy what has gone before, thats just pointless, but I will look for my own take on a place and therefore will produce an 'original' image. Richard Misrach was not the first photographer to photograph the Salt Flats, but he has certainly produced some of the finest images of the place. I am sure he wasn't put off by his predecessors who had also captured the flats in depth.

Anyway, I made some images of this salty wonderland myself and I rather like them, so watch these spaces... Also check out The Worlds Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins if you have not already done so, brilliant..

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