Find your own street...

Had a meet up with my good friend Michael Diemar writer and collector extraordinare today. Over a nice hot froffy one we got talking about some of my earlier work, in particular my night images/images shot mostly at night/dusk/places with little light.. Michael is not the first to remark on the countless 'Night Images' around at the moment and its over saturation in the photographic realm. A popular subject indeed, almost as popular as smoggy desaturated images of China, icebergs or anything shot in Mexico.
I have always been aware of 'night photography' and its popularity and was never put off by its this, I mean its not as popular as a images of a blonde sort with her jubblys out. Its only looking back at my older work that I realize how many of my nights out where not with friends but with a camera alone in some damp field with grassy turds on my boots. Working at night for me was/is all about the artificial essence it portrays. I think this is something I will always be drawn too especially within my Urban Sprawl series. But as I draw near to finishing these projects those long nights are few and my images are more working with the light rather than against it.. A simple transition perhaps, but this is not to say I won't return to the night for that long exposure fix.... Just in case you where wondering.....

" But its just another street light"
S. Dunn
wife and critic.

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