Return to The Salton Sea..

It would seem that my last trip was one of great nostalgia as I frequented quite a few places I had been before. Among these was The Salton Sea, a place I spent every Thursday for six months while living in California. As with the Bonville Salt Flats of Utah, mentioned in my last post, the Salton Sea is one of those places photographers flock to and there where few times I was there when I never seen some impostor with a camera.
It had been some three years since last visited this stinking hole, but what kept pulling me back where the few moments of magical light which transformed the 'stinking hole' into a photographers paradise. The Salton is one of those places (like so many others) that cannot be summed up in a few hours in the middle of the day. Anyways I had a wonderful time wondering around the old haunts and although I took a couple of shots It was more about the memories and feelings I had for the place having spent so much time there. I have no idea if other photographers do these kind of things, if they do not, maybe they should.....

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