There she goes...Again...

It would seem that I cannot get enough of Annie Leibowitz these days. May be I want to be her friend or baby sit her children, or may be she just happens to be all over the place at the moment with her touring exhibition.
As it happens, I went to the opening of the show here in London last night, as you do, (thanks to my wife's contacts, not mine) and my, what a show. Overwhelming to say the least. The whole show oozes class and like all best work is just so simple and unpretentious. It actually reminded me of the Averdon show all those years ago also at the National Portrait Gallery.
I guess I should not be surprised at the quality and sheer weight of the show, afterall shes right at the top in her proffession, but I will say again, its a great show and well worth a visit. Theres even some big fat landscapes there (not as many as the NY show I am told) and although not my favorite images at the exhibition the text that went with the images of the Monument Valley shots made me chuckle and is just great (you will have to go see the show as I cant remember it word for word)..

The only thing I didn't like about the show were the Beechwood frames that looked like they where purchased from Habitat. But hey, what do I know about frames....I also didn't like spilling my fruity drink all down my pink/salmon shirt, but theres always one of those twits at a show..

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