Forever searching for the prize...

As my Scotland trip now draws to a close I would like to make some time for reflection as I so often do after my travels.
So often in the past I would chose to travel to far off places in search of new imagery, but in the past few years (since my return to the UK from the States) I have tried to look at my project ideas with fresh eyes. Usually there is a project right under your nose you just have to know its there, a bit like a bogey. This latest project of Scotland's coast I am working on is a prime example of something that was always there on my door step, I just needed to move the foot mat.
The Scottish coastline is quite remarkable and rivals the likes of Iceland in its dramatic outer worldly rock formations. Although I put up with some almighty weather, it all added to the drama within the landscape and I truly believe that this project will be some of my best work. It has certainly been my most challenging in terms of bad weather, access, trying not to do the obvious, and sticking to my brief (following the steps of my Grandfather when I just wanted to point the camera the other way..). So in brief I will end by saying its all out there my friends and probably closer than you think, you just have to find it...

Haste Ye Back.

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