Where have you been Mr. Doyle...

Well it must have been months since I last wrote, or may be its just weeks. But as no one has told me they miss the blog it doesn't really matter..

When I lived Stateside the IPA (International Photography Awards) where a big deal and that seems to be catching on here in the UK. As with any international award its huge competition and although I have often voiced my dislike of such awards with words like 'lottery' and 'won't change your life' I thought it may be worth mentioning here. As with any of the big competitions there always seems (to me) to be a repetition of images each year. Hardly ever is there anything unique, just more of the bland safe photography we all see far too often. And before anyone shouts 'Nothing is original, its all been done before' I'm not talking about reinventing the wheel and producing photographs of Pluto. I would just like to see something different. However Josef Hoflehner's work kicks ass (although it does smell of Michael Kenna...)

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