If I had $3,400,000....

I have been tossing and turning all night as to which image I would rather have. The Andreas Gursky diptych 99 cent, or the photographs of Jordan and Peter Andre's wedding. With the Gursky you have the irony of a photograph of a 99 cent store fetching millions at auction, but with the wedding pictures you have the page three has-been best known for her immense balloons and twenty biography's and a little fella who once sang about mysterious girls and lived in a jungle. But after a few cups of coffee this morning and a cereal bar I decided that if I had $3,400,000 it would be much better spent on something like a new gallery, a nice big house, an orphanage restoration, or a small islands economy.
We are living in a time when wedding and baby photographs are more valuable than fine art and this my friends makes me want to vomit into the hat of vanity worn by many a celebrity.

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