As I have mentioned on here previously I like to think of myself as a culture vulture once in a while (although I am not) and like to try and buy a book one Friday of every month. There is no real reason for the Friday thing other than the shops are less busy than a Saturday...
To put it simply today's purchase Vanishing Landscapes (John Berger) is outstanding. Twenty photographers (half of which I adore and have mentioned here) with their own take on the diminishing landscape. Its a beautiful book and great to see so many fine photographers in one place. After viewing the book I couldn't help thinking , 'What if you put all of these twenty photographers on an island (or in this case a big ice burg) armed only with a knife, a candle and of course a camera?' Would they knife-fight it out for the best vantage points, or would they all come away with something completely different. Judging by the book, I think the latter..
I would urge (as I so often do) anyone with a vague interest in landscapes, and of course the environment to buy this book ...Superdooper..

(Amazon is £15.00 cheaper than the shops)

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