What a tower...

You know I love water towers and there majestic nature. I think they remind me of something from an old Doctor Who episode, or a 70's Sci Fi series, rising up out of the ground like some kind of big iron creature. Other than the Beckers, I didn't think people were that interested in them. But I was wrong, they seem to be very popular. There is even an appreciation society for them here.
I did have the idea to photograph them across the country as I am intrigued by the way they do not fit in with anything (I think we call that 'in harmony') and just stand there bold as brass. I often find the surrounding area most intriguing, especially when a sense of scale is created as in the image above.
A little obvious as a project I know, but so is everything else these days. Come to think of it, I think I have written about this before..

I may need a ladder!

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