Curse of The Tea Bag Mountain.

 Maxwell House coffee can (I had no images of tea bags).

I recently spent a lot of time scanning and preparing images for a picture library. The thought of boxes of images never seeing the light of day bothered me and I feared they would become like an ever growing Tea Bag Mountain, something without purpose.
Of course history tells us that it is quite common to find hordes of photographs that have only seen the dark room light. One only needs to look the likes of Garry Winogrand and the countless rolls of unprocessed film, negs and prints.
One of the few good things that came from my MA (because you have to justify everything you do) was the realization that I was a collector, a hoarder of images. It has never been enough for me to come away with one humble image on any given photographic outing, there always needs to be more. I just hope that more images doesn't mean more tea bags..

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