Kit Fordham.

Someone once told me that it takes at least five years to get a college degree out of your system. Personally I think he was talking balls, although he was taking about being a young student and not the mature variety. It took me two months, but thats questionable as I am still writing about it here.
As I never really wanted to be a student I had no interest in what students were doing. Of course there there was some real talent within the institutionalized system, but I did not care for it at the time. 
I have always rated a photographer on a body of work and not just one or two could images (anyone can do that). Consistency, I believe, is the key to good photography. This rarely happens within a university as the photographer rarely has the time frame and lack of distraction, be it silly theory papers or pretty girls. 
Kit Fordham, now a very good friend, has a fine body of work. Unpolluted by the institution, he has created a wonderful series, 'In The World Of The Traveling Showman.' 
He is one of the few..

All images, Kit Fordham

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