So you come up with an idea. Its not ground breaking or particularly unique and to be honest anyone could do it. A simple idea of travelling round the entire coast of Britain making lovely photos with a personal interpretation of the British Coast by yours truly.
Having spent a good eighteen months on the project the salty air is now in my blood and I often look forward to the days when I can get to the edges of the island in search of treasure. But for a moment last night all that ceased as I came across a photographer who has done what looked like, the very same project! My usual quote; 'SOMEONE HAS EITHER DONE IT, IS DOING IT, OR IS THINKING ABOUT IT' stood no ground as I erupted like a toddler with turrets throwing my daily measured bowl of pistachio nuts northward, nutty spit covering my laptop screen.. Well it had to happen sooner or later, but later would of been better as I gazed blurry eyed at my work prints spread across the office floor looking for some kind of comfort. But after a good half hour my blood pressure dropped and my pulse returned to forty eight beats per minute (that's right I am an athlete). It was at this point that I started to see a new value in my work. It did not matter that someone else had had the same idea as me. This was my interpretation, not theirs. Then I looked deeper. The photographer in question, who shall remain nameless but not hard to find, had simply visited these places and taken a picture. They where nothing special at all. There was no waiting for good light or a particular creativeness involved. In fact they where really quite dull and rather boring.
And so there I was, calm and collected, strangely inspired by the situation. In fact I was so calm I decided to have another look at the photographer in question. 'Oh yes' I thought, 'I can live with this..' But then I saw another section on the website I had missed due to rage and despair. I right clicked.

The bastard had gone global...!


mark page said...

Mate you're killing me who is it?

marcus doyle said...

Carl de Keyzer. Probably a lovely chap but far too organized for my liking..
The works not that similar really. His is more environmentally based,and there's not really a connection to the subject, couldn't be, its too vast.
Mine is more about quirky Britain, and to be honest a lot nicer in my humble opinion. I just cant get over the speed people churn work out these days..