Green. But what does it mean?

Images MD 2010

I tire of people trying to tell me this colour means this and this colour means that, and you've probably read on here before that I think its nonsense most of the time. I mean, who came up with :"If you sit in a red room you will go nutty".Or "Yellow makes you sad". Or "Yellow makes you happy" (Which is it!)
Photography is a 'made up medium' like most mediums so lets not give it rules. If I want to put red in my picture I will, so stand aside Mr Shore, your talking fairy cakes.. (a statement Stephen Shore made about not having red in your photographs, sadly I have forgotten where I seen this. Anyway, I always thought that Shore was, and still is, over rated amongst his peers. For me his genius stopped after American surfaces..)
Basically as I work solely in colour I am often drawn to things because of there colour. Take the three images here. I love the colour green, its my favourite. It used to be blue (now known as Doyle Blue in small circles). I'm not even going to look up what people say about the colour green, mainly because I don't care. For me, a certain type of green reminds me of factory walls and the smell of oil, or the moss on an old stone wall, or my parents old sofa. This is why I like the colour green..
Sometimes colour IS the subject...

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