Residency in Rijeka

Host: Museum of Modern and contemporary art (www.mmsu.hr)
Co organizer of X-OP project (www.x-op.eu)
Perod: from 26th June to 10th July 2010
Area: Visual art
Rijeka by nights
Location: Rijeka, Croatia
Selected Artist: Markus Doyle

Exhibition reception at Mali salon, Rijeka on 08.07.2010.

From July 8th the Gallery Mali salon in Rijeka will host the exhibition of artist Marcus Doyle: „Night photography”

During the X-OP Residency in Rijeka, Croatia (2010), photographer Marcus Doyle will produce a series of images in and around the area of Rijeka taken late in the day and at night. His plan is to explore key areas and some of the industrial heritage such as the Torpedo factory for which Rijeka is famous. Other industrial and urban sites will also be covered, as well as the surrounding beaches taking pictures at night like never before.

The end result would be a series of stunning Night images of Rijeka exhibited as large-scale prints.

During his residency in Rijeka he will give a lecture regarding his work, explaining in detail his techniques and motivation behind the images. The lecture will be followed by a workshop with other artists and interested parties, in and around Rijeka, so that they to can make there own interpretations using photography.

X-OP – eXchange of art operators and producers is a gradually growing network of artists, researchers, operators, producers and centers with the aim to establish European platform for creation of art and exchange. With its places, spaces and user oriented technological infrastructure it fosters mobility of artists, theoreticians and executives. It is built to strengthen pan-European and global collaboration, common production and interdisciplinary approach to art.

The X-OP project is multi-annual project, from 2008 to 2011, and is supported by European Commission – Program Culture.


Marcus Doyle has been shooting landscapes professionally for the past twelve years. His work has taken him all over the world, from the Artic Circle to the deserts of Africa choosing to shoot on a large 10/8 view camera whenever possible. He spent three years shooting the American landscape out of California where he lived before returning to the UK.
Doyle’s work has been exhibited widely in the USA, Europe and the UK. He has recently signed with the Orchard agency in London and New York and now covers commercial assignments as well as producing more projects and archive material for galleries worldwide…

In November 2004 his first book Night Vision was published. His second Book Urban Safari is due out at the end of the year.

More on: http://www.marcusdoyle.co.uk/

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