Dear Marcus

Thank you for your comments and long time support. We are a community. So we all share histories
with each other. Robert Frank was for me the spirit guide that led me into photography and ultimately
provided me with an argument that helped me to define myself, sometimes we have to make our way
around our masters. That is the way it's meant to be.

I am still engaged in making work and trying to understand this remarkable medium, even as it goes through
major changes right now.

As much as I love Cape Light I have always felt that the St. Louis book was a big step forward for me,
one that has led me, many years later to the World Trade Center work, so it's all a process, and if we do it
whole heartedly we stand to gain consciousness, which, frankly, is all I can hope for.

My best to you.



mark page said...

Nice one!

Mario Popham said...

We all have our masters: what generous and humble sentiments. An absolute legend and just what I needed to read at this strange stage I'm at. Cheers.

marcus doyle said...

I have to say I was very humbled by this.
There I was pondering my photography over a cappuccino trying to come up with a way I saying 'I am a great admirer of your work' without sounding like a leech. By the time I had finished my coffee I had a reply!

Stephen Shores next..