From the series EnvironMental, Keilder Forest, Northumbria.

As my portfolio gathers more dust whilst Boris the spider continues to make his webs within by 5/4 bellows, and people around me talk of this thing called climate change just because we are having a a warm wet winter (well would you rather have frozen pipes and slip on your ass and perhaps fall on an icicle). I cannot but help think about the future of my landscape work and that of others I admire.
I have been meaning to go out to do some pics lately but its just so flaming wet and I had enough of a soaking last month, willy and all... You see theres always something I want to photograph, some idea in my head that just wont go away; The local Sainsburys carpark, The mental hospital which is now a block of flats, those trees floodlit in that field, those sand dunes in Namibia, that coastline at Claction On Sea, a dog in a hat, my baby nephew with a pipe, my mighty muscles, China, The Whole of the United States, Iceland, Greenland, Lapland, Santa, etc, etc.
You see my followers, if you want piece of mind regarding your photography all you need are those ideas in your minds eye. With this there is no need to concern yourself with when those images may become a reality (in theory anyway). But beware, loose this and you may as well sing the precious words of Roy Orbison.

Your baby doesn't love you any more
Golden days before they end
Whisper secrets to the wind
Your baby won't be near you any more

Tender nights before they fly
Send falling stars that seem to cry
Your baby doesn't want you any more
It's over

It breaks your heart in two, To know she's been untrue
But oh what will you do? When she says to you
There's someone new We're through We're through
It's over It's over It's over

All the rainbows in the sky
Start to weep, then say goodbye
You won't be seeing rainbows any more
Setting suns before they fall, Echo to you that's all that's all
But you'll see lonely sunsets after all

It's over It's over It's over It's over

Doyle is going nuts..

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