Photography (like most forms of art) can be a moving experience in several ways as I am sure you all know. But the viewer will never be moved in the same way as the photographer is in the making of the image.
The above image was made on my last trip to Cumbria in an attempt to finish my Border City project which seems to have taken years (and has), but you cant put a time on these things can you.? I was making my way slowly through an abandoned half derelict house which is something I used to find quite creepy, but know I revel in it, knowing that anyone in there would get a bigger fright than me.... The house was seemed very cold with lots of light blue and white wallpaper with the odd line in it, quite horrid. Normally I look for something of interest in these situations, like a childs abandoned toy, a photograph etc. But there was nothing like that here. The last room I entered was, I guess, the smallest of the bedrooms. All that remained was a tatty once white curtain, now grey, and what at first looked like a feather duster head. Upon further inspection I could see that balanced there on the window sill was a small dead bird, wings spread and perfectly formed. The realization of this tiny dead thing moved my six foot one cage fighter physical presence and I really did feel quite sad almost shedding a tear like a teenage girl watching Zac thingy-me-jigg being shot saving a baby or something. I positioned my camera and composed a shot but at the same time tried to work out what had happened to the little winged beast. Obviously the bird had hit the window trying to escape the house of cold. But how it came to be balanced on the window ledge I was not so sure. Either it flipped over, spread its wings and passed out, or someone (or something) had placed it there. Doubtful of the latter, my story will remain mysterious.
So I made the image and left the house of death never to return and to be honest never really thought much about the image until I saw the contact sheet (remember those) where upon I was moved again by this tiny beaked creature.
As for the title, well at first I thought the bird was some kind of Tit and immediately thought up the name Flat Tit as it was, well, pretty flat. Upon later inspection I dont think the bird is a Tit, in fact I thought it was Swallow, but its not. Its actually a House Martin. A much more fitting title title and it can be said allowed without a raised eyebrow....


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