The six at a time filter using, anorak wearing, hill walking, map collecting, transparency shooting, lots of techno 'how to' book producing, calender making, star of the high street photography magazine, problem solving, rabbit wrestling, landscape photographer of the world, Joe Cornish has gone out of his way to do a little talk on the photographer Peter Dombrovskis. Although I am not a big fan of P Diddy Dombrovskis' work it is quite remarkable in many respects, in particular his use of light, which you can tell has old Joey just wondering how he does all that without a coloured graduation filter or perhaps a polarizer.
I simply have no time for the likes of JC's photography and as technically proficient as he is, his work bores me to death. But the talk is very interesting and you can see what a huge influence Dombrovskis has had on him. A humbling experience no doubt.
Watch out for the part where Joe sprouts a third hand and begins to book fumble...
Its worth a look here.

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