Another from the Environmental series, Car Park Lanzarote.

I think most will agree that this year has not been the best for a lot of people. War, Money and Fame are all we have heard about for the last twelve months. I often wonder how many people will have full bellies over Christmas this year with all that belt tightening (although you wouldn't think it walking down Oxford street). I also wonder if the world will ever realise that the answer to climate change is simply having fewer people and more trees or if I could survive a fight with a Bengal Tiger, but lets face it things can always be far worse (there could be two tigers)...

Its fair to say that for photography its been particularly bad time, and not just for photographers. Pixalization has really took hold now with most Pros having gone totally digital leaving the few film shooters left wondering just how long it will be before the negative becomes a 'negative'.. Its also hard for a lot of film shooters to justify making any images if monies are tight. But I guess the same can be said for someone paying monthly instalments on there new Hassleblad..

I do have to say that my photography has taken a bit of a back seat as of late and I have little new work to show, but having said that I seemed to have produced some half decent images. I have personally found it quite hard getting a feel for images this past year having started several projects which I will probably never return to. But this is not the first time and it wont be the last..

I shouldn't even be writing such things really as I have no reason to complain. I have food in my belly, a roof over my head, new projects to begin, a group show in January and looks like I will be having a ten year retrospect at Diemar and Noble this coming March.

Now where's that flaming Tiger...


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