Porky Pies..

I have been reading with interest a bit of a carry on regarding Edgar Martins and a project he done with the New York Times. Most of the details and pics are here.
Basically old Eggy has been claiming that his images are not digitally manipulated but others seem to think otherwise. I will let you judge for yourself although its pretty obvious they have been altered for balance etc, at least thats what I would say. Big deal you might think, but this comes after the NYT stated last year that if any of their images are digitally altered they would say so..
This could land Martins in a bit of bother simply because he has fibbed a bit, but we are all guilty of that are we not...
Personally I don't give a rooty toot hoot. I like Martins work and having never met guy would never say too much as he hasn't been able to speak for himself as of yet.
It always amazes me how people get so up in arms over such things. Sometimes I think its just plain jealousy.
If we are going get all high and mighty why not bring up someone Cartier Bresson, decisive moment my arse. Take the image of that fella jumping over the puddle shot, turns out they found a contact sheet with several attempts at the jump... He's a big fat lier, but who would dare say it after all these years..
We all lie about our work, myself included. I don't manipulate my images digitally and would say so if I did, but I didn't stand in quicksand for an hour to do that certain shot as I may of said, it was really thirty minutes.. (although it felt like longer)..

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