MY BEST SHOT (naff title)

The Guardian is running a very interesting article called MY BEST SHOT where lots of photographers choose what they consider to be their finest image. What's always fascinating is that the photographers favorite image is usually no one else's.
Regarding my own work I often find people like work which I never consider my finest, in fact sometimes I really hate it, hence the importance of a third eye usually in the form of a Gallery, Agent or Neighbor/Relative...
Above are two images to prove my point. The now famous Hollywood Diner, my best seller and a big favorite amongst the populous. Personally though all I can see are ways it could of been better. I dislike the highlights on the tables and the colour in the print is never quite right.
The print below it (Melted Wire) is one of my most favorite images. Its the fact that it looks like a lily and I just find it quite extraordinary. I would even go so far as to say that it is reminiscent of my earlier work when I photographed lots of real lily's but sadly everyone else hates it, hates it I tell you..
Anyway, enough of this nonsense I'm off to smell my lily's...

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