Oh Danny Boy

Theres a video of one of my old college pals Dan Holdsworth talking about his work here. Dan is a very intelligent and passionate (not forgetting) talented photographer, as you will see, and talks for an hour and seventeen minutes about his work. Dan begins with his early influences and talks fondly of his late father then goes into how his first projects began taking us through his wonderful images up to his most recent work Ghosts.
At the end of this most insightful talk there is an opportunity to ask questions. Now given the caliber of Danny Boys talk you would expect some intelligent questions not;
Whats your longest exposure?
Do you shoot film or digital?
Why are there no people in your pictures? Ever thought of putting some in?
Whats your favorite colour?
Do you like my dress?
Ok so the last two are not true but I have always found no matter how interesting a talk may be people will always ask the same questions and there usually technical (and usually photographers?). Personally I never ask such questions and prefer to enjoy the work. Its a bit like asking a magician how he makes a sexy lady float on air or catch a bullet in his teeth...
So if you happen to attend one of my own talks just enjoy the mystery..

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