Hot Berries..

I have been haunted now for the last three days by an image I was shown made by Maeve Berry who is to have her debut at DiemarNoble photography on the 29th of July. The image is from the show, but not on the gallery website (info here). Without giving too much away, the images work a bit like an inkblot image where each person tends to see something different. This is not to be confused with those naff 3D pattererns which were all the rage in the early nineties that you stared at and could see a spaceship or a bowl of fruit, oh no, these are something much more unique. Basically the image in question here looked to me like the face of the Devil made up of flames which is quite creepy given the content of the image. Wether or not this is a stroke of genius or just a fluke remains to be seen (not that either way makes any difference really). But if people are prepared to buy an image of the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast of ebay, then perhaps Maeve Berry will do very well..
I wish her the best and would encourage you to pop along and see for yourself..

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DavidF said...


Awesome work on your site. Great to meet you yesterday.


David Field