Nadav Kander, Dust
Nadav Kander, Dust

I stumbled into the all new Foyles bookshop in the West End yesterday which has a very fine relocated photography section at the front of the store. After that I stumbled upon Nadav Kander's new book, Dust, a series; 'Discovering the vestiges of the Cold War: secret cities and radioactive ruins' 
When my wife's Grandpa was in his last days he would often say he was in more trouble than Russia. This was some eight years ago, but I kind of knew what he meant and couldn't help thinking about it while looking through the book.
I am really not sure what I think of the series in with their Deadpan, Kanderish glow. They certainly have a beautiful quality to them, but perhaps this is what bothers when you consider the content and the fact I am a little tired of disaster porn, past and present. 
The fact is, these images could be anywhere as there is nothing to really say where or what they are (apart from a few military compounds further on in the book). And if you don't read the forward first, you wouldn't have a clue.
Theres no argument that NC is one of the finest working photographers today. But I always feel his personal projects are a little late in the day. Uncovered, rather than discovered.

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