A Tree made of shoes and a dusty old shed..

I would never confess to being in anyway envious of my wifes achievements over the years, after all we began our photographic journey together. She made images of people, I made images of everything else. Of course there were times when conflict would ensue after spotting something quirky on a road trip like a Tree made of shoes or a dusty old shed in the desert, but those moments were rare and long ago.

I noticed about a year ago that the tables were turning when I heard the words;
 "I think I would like to do an exhibition, or maybe a book project, or both!"
And so in a time when I seemed to be on some kind of unintended sabbatical opportunists for my better half, in what I considered to be my domain,  started to take shape.

The exhibition process is the same for any photographer; The idea, The negotiation, The images, The edit, The prints, The panic and feelings that your show is going to be crap, The Opening, The relief, The debt. OK, I could of left The Debt bit out, but you get my drift.

Its been interesting seeing things from a different perspective, but its not been without its 'Tree made of shoes' moments.

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