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16 August 2014
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In an era when digital technologies are ubiquitous, the London Analogue Festival (LAF) returns to celebrate the beauty, power and aesthetics that come from analogue technologies. From the 12-14 September 2014, the LAF will draw together international artists for a weekend of live performances, talks and exhibitions in the heart of London at Bargehouse, the distinctive, atmospheric warehouse space at the Oxo Tower Wharf on the South Bank. It will be a rare opportunity to enjoy side by side film screenings, photography and sound art exhibitions - all in analogue media, and a unique event offering the public a welcome cultural alternative to the mainstream digital experience.
The London Analogue Festival is part of a movement celebrating and promoting analogue technology as used in the arts and, intent on educating the next generation in the fundamentals of the techniques involved, brings innovative new creations to the limelight. A recent addition to London's cultural calendar, the LAF will offer under the umbrella of one event, a platform to well established artists, such as Terry King, as well as new upcoming talents from across the world on which to showcase their art, network and perform. With no entry fee, it will give all Londoners and visitors a chance to discover- or rediscover- analogue, to meet artists, explore the intersection of technology and our senses and develop new skills.
Building on the success of last year as the first multidisciplinary festival, the London Analogue Festival has forged a network of associations across Europe with like-minded organisations. Through these links, this year the Festival will host a selection of films from the Italian Analogica Festival, Analogue Mania from Romania will showcase Emil Kindlein bespoke solid silver microphones and artists from Revela-T in Spain including Josep Maria Ribas Prous, the first Spanish author awarded the title of “Maître of the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique”. With sound art there will be participation from a range of different musical genres, including vinyl DJs, Jono Pomodore from Metanono, and upcoming artist Tamara Scar, from Element 79.

Conceived by David Guerrini-Nazoa, the Festival is run entirely with the help of passionate volunteers as a non-profit organization, on a budget mostly dependent on sponsorship and donations; a Crowd Funding Campaign will be launched today in support of the Festival. Partners in collaboration with the Festival include, amongst others, in the UK Fujifilm and Silverprint, from Europe Lomography and Impossible Project, and Pro8mm from the USA.

For more information about the London Analogue Festival visit www.analoguefestival.com
London Analogue Festival 2014: spearheading the Analogue Resurgence in the heart of London
A three-day festival celebrating analogue film, photography and sound art
Friday, 12th – Sunday 14th September 2014
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