The Salton Sea series | 23rd October 2012 - 5th January 2013 |

Artist Statement

"Having driven thousands of miles across the United States and paying homage to American photographers such as Stephen Shore and Joel Meyerowitz, it was finally the work of Richard Misrach that introduced me to the Salton Sea, and in particular an image of an empty swimming pool he had made there in the 1980’s. Mesmerized by this image, and in particular the light surrounding it, I headed off on what was to become a year long project.

My first trip to The Salton was made in the July of 2004 unknowingly choosing one of the hottest days on record at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Even late in the day the temperature was still above 100 degrees and all consuming, but the excessive heat was not my only reason to work at sunset and beyond. The combination of warm soft light reflected off the salt encrusted ground gave the surrounding area a unique quality of light I had never seen before.

These images were made between 2004 and 2005 when I would set out from Los Angeles every Thursday, which soon became known as Going To The Seaside."

M Doyle 2012.

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