a question of smell...

I do love the smell of a Green House, 2012.

Since the beginning of my flaming Memory Project (I am back to The Flowery Room title) I realized that above everything else, perhaps even more than a photograph, that smell can take me/us back to a time and place in our past. Corned beef is one particular favorite of mine, as is the usual cut grass, coal fires and Grannies handbag contents. I even dabbled with the idea of inventing some kind of scratch-and-sniff photograph that would add a double dose of nostalgia. But unfortunately I only got as far as a rancid Hot Dog sticker from WH Smiths. Then I thought of displaying this new work with a scented candle but could only imagine the flames igniting drunken students on opening night. (actually that might be quite good)
Good ideas these may be, but for now I am keeping it simples..

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