A Jerry Maguire moment...

Sitting in my overgrown jungle of a garden, on a wonky chair sipping Italian coffee on a beautiful warm morning, the breeze gently cooling my wise bald crown. I realize that no one reads this humble blog any more. After all with the likes of that Twitty thing and Facebook, why bother, as in those domains you can write and read what you like and not some fine art photographer scraping the gallery barrel for a bit of generosity. But here in the B Mode quarters it is different. It is a place where only truth is spoken and fine photography displayed. There are no dogs on skateboards here or holiday snaps, although some have been known to call my work that..
I have never wanted to brag about what I have done, with smugness being something I think needs to be destroyed. And I don't particularly like announcing the big things I am about to do. Its just not in my nature and I have no time for that look at me I am great, except in a jesting manner.
I have been working freelance in the gallery market now for long enough to know it can be as corrupt and financially ruining as any other business. The age old saying, 'Its not what you know, but who,' is never more so than in the realm of photography. Photography prizes are awarded to photographers by their spouses who judged their pictures, bursaries are given the select few, usually the ones the committee members live with they live with. Photographers fees are slashed and they are expected to work longer for less money while some Chelsea Girl fluffs a few pillows and charges four times more than the photographer.
Basically I could go on and write whatever I liked, but the truth shall remain and I will continue the small and mighty B Mode despite being surrounded by gasbags..

Having said all that, please check out my new facebook page. Details to follow..

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