Several years ago I came to a conclusion concerning photography and announced it here on B-Mode;

"Someone's either done it, doing it, or about to do it.."

While I was in Croatia I had what can only be described as a photographic epiphany. Awoken in the night by some mysterious force (may have been too much cheese), I grabbed my note pad and frantically scribbled the ideas for a wonderful project. I was so excited I stayed awake until breakfast certain that this idea of mine would have all the necessary components for a unique project. In fact I was so certain that I had something special that I couldn't wait to get back to the UK and do some research. "This was it, this was the big one." Deutsche Borse, Sony, Prix Picket, heck I could even enter Take A View or apply for a Guggenheim (if I was American).
The next few days seemed to last a lifetime. I was finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than what had now become known as The Prize. What was going to do with all that money? How long would it take to finish? This was all I could think of. By the time I had landed in the UK I had curated the show, edited the book, and gotten Michael Douglas to write the forward.
But you see, one may be able to come up with the idea of a Doyle Blue or a few clever lines regarding an idea, but it doesn't necessarily mean your photographs are all blue and your ideas original. I hadn't been home more than half an hour when I booted up the lap top and started to do some on-line research. And there it was; Not one, not two, but three attempts at my precious idea. What was once considered virgin and true (not to mention all the other tutt not on the web sat in a box or hanging in a gallery somewhere) was now a dirty whore of a project and I had no choice but to dismiss it from my mind immediately. This runt of ideas was now nothing more that a virtual photographic fart..

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doom and gloom