I received a wonderful book today from Scanderbegsauer photography today (as mentioned a few weeks ago when I was in Croatia). Decommissioned is a series made in the Mojave Airport in California, although you may know it better as the plane grave yard often seen in movies and other photography projects. When projects of such wonderful subject matter are covered it is often an anticlimactic event which usually fails to deliver in terms of overall content, quality, or consistency. Decommissioned however delivers on all levels and is by far the finest project I have seen on such a topic as the plane graveyard. Its so easy to snap away at whatever grabs your attention first in these circumstances forgetting those all important detail images that are often the back bone of large projects. Projects like Decommissioned take real dedication and control within their environment, something which is easily forgotten when caught up in the excitement of a photographers mecca.
But enough of my ramblings. See for yourself..

ISBN 978-3-033-02690-2

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