On Education.

I feel the stagnant nature of photographic education is a large contributing factor to the lameness seen in photography today. Imagination is dead, and every image must assault the viewer with some higher meaning, preach to a social consciousness, or have such a convoluted concept as to leave the viewer scratching their head and wondering “huh?.. I don’t get it”. If a true change is going to come about in photography, it has to be the rejection of the academic point of view and the reawakening of imagination in art. Let’s inspire, not preach.
Dave Molna

I could not agree more with this statement regarding photographic education especially considering I am in the thick of it at the moment. I often feel (as Eggleston did), at war with the obvious regarding my own work and what has become Institutionalized photography.

Over-theorize an image and the image itself become irrelevant.

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