Shot on my iphone

As my studies take hold regards my new MA endeavours I have often found myself in conversation regarding cameras and the grand film verses digital debate, or as it should now be called; the digital verses what's left of film debate. Many students want to return to film, and of course I don't blame them.
The article below got me thinking about Kodak and how after they brought the first digital camera to the market place, everything started to go down hill for the company I now officially despise. A similar thing has happened in the compact digital market and the invention of the phone with a built in camera. I mean why would you take a phone and a camera on holiday when you could just take a phone, especially now the mega pixel is up and the lenses vastly improved (Schneider nailed that one).
So I think its safe to say that students may find themselves in a bit of a pickle. The production of mid range digital cameras are on the decline, the top end ones cost as much as a new car, analogue cameras may now cost peanuts, but film prices are on the rise with a box of 5/4 double what it was this time last year and quadruple what it was five years ago! and of course let us also not forget about films very wobbly future.
But there is an answer.....
Buy a new phone.

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