Getting out early these past few crispy mornings has been a real joy. It can be a Zen like experience with just a simple camera and in this case a few sheets of film.
The simple mechanics of a large format camera are often overlooked by many, but the well oiled cogs of a bygone analogue age will always have the advantage over batteries that drain in the cold and over sensitive sensors that prefer to be in a studio with a cup of coco and a copy of Digital Monthly (I will leave it there).
Someone once told me that;
'Analogue should be a continual flowing movement and if you have to force it, you are doing something wrong.'
Although this referred to the mechanics of analogue, I also like to think of it as a way of approaching a subject and the actual picture making itself.
My photography is a lot more selective now, which I guess is something that comes with time. In the past I often preferred to shoot late in the day and into the night. The reason being that I wasn't trying to 'beat' the darkness before the sun came up, or as I would put it; 'Having to count backwards.' But I have grown to like the closure one gets when the sun does rise, some of those nights were very long and often filled with silly mistakes as the tiredness descended (think double exposures, forgetting to pull the dark slide, falling asleep in fields with cows in etc)... Of course that's not to say that the night is not calling, or a bright warm sunny day for that matter..

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