Despite getting the feeling that I have lost my entire readership, I will continue to write due to my delusions of grandeur in thinking that I am an inspiration to those young upcoming photographers who like to make landscape images.

If I never read the papers, watched the news, and listened my neighbours, it would appear that the future is quite bright for the one they call the Doyle.

A new year with promise of change and direction began with an entire overhaul of my printed portfolio, a mini retrospect if you will. So after removing the cobwebs, books piled on top of, tax returns, love letters and a pair of squashed sun glasses, I got under way.
I had forgotten just how exquisite a hand print can be and it was a joy to ponder through a mountain of images fuelled only by 'Mr Espresso' and a new found enthusiasm. The old was mixed with the new and after a day of editing I had the 96 page, grey cloth bound beast ready for viewing.
So now I say to you all;


During my edit orgy I found this rather nice image of an old dried up leaf which makes a nice 6/4" postcard should you wish to print out a copy for yourself..

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