The Lovely shoes.

I went to Selfridges today, there's a sale on don't you know. Thousands of people all looking for something they like and really don't need with the added motivation of 50% off. Amongst the chaos I spotted a wonderful looking pair of shoes. They sparkled in the spotlight like a multi faceted jewel tempting me to take them home like some high end escort. Although half price it was still a fair amount to spend on a pair of fancy shoes and to be honest I really did not need them, but they were the only pair and this was a temping offer. And so with this in mind I decided to go away and think about it. If someone else bought them then fair enough.. A lovely lunch and several coffees later I made my way back to the shoe department certain that someone else would of bought 'My Beautiful Shoes'. I imagined my disappointment at the same time of imagining myself on some fabulous dance floor shuffling my feet in my cosmic shoes with everyone admiring my magical foot work. My eyes filled with delight as I seen that the shoes had not been sold, and then the questions started;
Could I get them any cheaper?
Will anyone else have the same pair?
How would I feel about them in a couple of months time?
Would they actually go with anything else I had?
And then it struck me. This whole shopping experience was just like the art market. The whole experience of finding something you like amongst the thousands of other things. That one pair of shoes could easily of been one of my images amongst a plethora of other images up for sale. I approached those shoes like a potential buyer approaches one of my photographs. I asked all the same questions and actually talked myself out of it, just like a lot of potential buyers. And just like a potential buyer I went off and bought a different pair.

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