Maxime Brygo.

The longer I do this blog the harder it becomes to find good work together with keeping up a positive mental attitude which lately has been more mental than positive.

Anyway, enjoyed looking through Maxime Brygo's site, in particular his Hidden Places series.

In general landscape photography has shifted so much over the years and is becoming more 'just pictures of things' in the middle of the day rather than waiting for that decisive moment which is fine if your documenting something, but not if you want to sell the bugger to someone. So often is the case that a photographer produces good work and because they like it, they assume everyone else will. Well that's not how it works I am afraid and it took me a good five years to work that one out..

Whatever happened to that Cartier Bresson fella..


Jan Jack Klos said...

Hey Marcus, blog is excellent! It helped me a lot with my research, I know how much it help when someone leaves you a comment, so keep on going :) It is good!

marcus doyle said...

Nice one..