Rad na svjetlu

Capacity: 10 participants

Name of workshop: Work on light

Workshop type: basic

Conditions for participation:
Participants should have basic knowledge of photography and own camera (film or digital) and it fully able to use. They also need a tripod and a cable release, and of course the notebook.


1. Phase
Beginning in the late afternoon when the sun is low. Marcus will be able to set up and instruct participants in the composition, the way how light can change the frame, exposure and other technical stuff and allow them to get the best out of their photos.
Doyle will use the camera for large format, so can participants easily see what he does.

2. Phase
After sunset, preparing for night photography and the interpretation of the basis for night photography, as well an explanation of the reasons why he still uses film.

Participation Fee: 200,00 HRK

Apart from applying be sending an e-mail to prijava@photodays-rovinj.com, future participants shall pay a participation fee in the amount of HRK 200,00 to the transaction account numner 2402006-1100560464.

After receiving a confirmation of your timely and successful application for participation in the workshop from the organizer, please deliver a receipt of participation fee payment within 48 hours. You can pay the participation fee by way of a payment order or by internet banking. As authorization number, please enter your Personal Identification Number (OIB).

about the moderator

Marcus Doyle

DoyleMarcus Doyle photographed the last ten years landscapes of the Arctic Circle to the African desert. He loves filming with a camera large format (10 /8), whenever it is possible.

Marcus has spent five years photographing the American landscape, outside California, before returning to Britain to work on his latest project around the Scottish border.

His work was exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Belgium, Paris and London, where it followed by collectors and private buyers.
Marcuse΄s first book, Night Vision, was published in 2004. His latest book, By Coastal, was published in 2011. and it is a four- year project in the area that are recorded along the British coast.

Marcus lives now in London, between his photographic projects, teaches he photography at the University of Canterbury.

More info here.

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