Dear Eddy.

Dearest Eddy,

I do hope all is well in the and of the processor.
Just to let you know, I have settled my account on-line for the amount of £******

As you have been processing my film all these years, and as you are the only person I trust with my film, I was going to dedicate my new book to you. But rather than face divorce a messy divorce I had to dedicate it to my wife. However, I have mentioned you in the acknowledgements and should have copies next month so will bring one in for you.

Many thanks for all your work. I say this as I am not sure when I will next be in having spent the last fifteen years doing what I want. Times have changed a lot and the freedom I once had is all but gone...
A little dramatic perhaps but never the less true.

All the very best,

Marcus T Doyle (the T is for Terrific)

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