Well my friends of the Dark Cloth. It has arrived. Possibly the quickest turn around of any book being published, apart from perhaps the likes of Rankin who has something out every weekend.
Rather pleased with this as a whole with a nice bit of vain satisfaction sprinkled with a feeling of 'mission accomplished.'

So what now. Well the book will be available through a few selected outlets and I will be selling them direct in an attempt to not being slaughtered by sales commission. The book comes with a 10/12" C Type hand print of the cover shot. Both the book and the print is in an edition of only 100 copies and after the first 10 have been distributed (gifts, British library, that sort of thing) the rest will come in a presentation/slip case.

Yours for £150.00 (Edition 11-25)

There will be a 25% price increase after 25 copies (then 50 copies, then 75).

ISBN 978-0-9568907-0-2

A small espresso to celebrate I think...


Laura said...

Yay can't wait to see it!

Laura said...

just noticed that the 'first colour 1982' and the cover of your new amazing publication are nearly the same composition, you are indeed a child prodigy!

marcus doyle said...

I have never been a Pro-Digy.
Ha Ha