Where do we go from here..

After one of the longest, darkest winters, which has been a bit like a season on the planet Pluto (strictly speaking no longer classed as a planet), the time has come to start organising this years trips overseas. Of course there are those hard to reach far away locations here in the UK which I plan to conquer in an aid to finish this Coastal Project which has become somewhat burdensome due to lack of funding and the fear of a half finished project.
Croatia is a given for the third time with the promise of new regions to explore and new images to create. As always there are a fair few possibles which may fall by the wayside which would appear to be the norm these days including Russia, New Mexico, Texas, a big chunk of Europe, and somewhere else in the form of a cheap flight and a 'Stuff this I'm off..'

If you want job security, a regular wage (or wage), a positive outlook, and any kind of respect. Don't choose photography. Choose a chippy..

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