Chevron and Taco Bell. 2010

It's difficult to know where my work will take me these days. Gone have the times when photography filled my mind 24/7 and I have pretty much done all I set out to do regarding my work and now look for other photographic avenues to pursue.
I'm one of those Fine Art Photographers that is in the strange parallel of the industry where my work falls somewhere between 'Quite expensive, but not expensive enough' category. The larger prints are silly money to produce as they are to ship. Add on to this mounting and framing and you have spent over 1K already. Also take into account the always unjustified, but accepted, 50% split from a gallery and you are looking at a fairly hefty final price tag (lets not forget taxes either). I haven't even mentioned film, processing and other expenses incurred whilst out in the wilderness. Basically its a rich man's hobby. And I am not rich...

I have battled with this Fine Art situation for a long time doing almost anything it takes to fund projects choosing to find a way rather than wait until funds and timing is right. I don't think things will ever change and I don't fantasize about making the big time and selling work for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't know how other people do what I do (well actually I do) but I don't want to know.

I don't expect anything from anyone, never have. But what I would like is for people to stop asking me to do things for free. That's all..

Now read this.

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