About ten years ago I met a chap in San Francisco who was a dealer in Vintage photography. He had come to one of my first solo shows State side and offered me some excellent advice and critique on my work. He told me of a time when he made photographs everyday and how much he loved photography. When I asked him why he stopped, this is what he told me.

I had gotten to know the great Andre Kertez in the 60's and would often go to see him to talk about photography. We became very good friends but in all the time I knew him I waited almost ten years to show him some of my work. After drumming up the confidence I placed ten of my very best images out in front of him. He just stared at the images for ten minutes and said;

"Are these really the best you could do."

After that moment I could never bring myself to make a single photograph ever again.

I have heard many stories like this one, but I was really moved by this guys story all those years ago. Its something I keep in the back of my mind whenever anyone asks my opinion on their work, or indeed whenever I get the big book out..

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