Now thats what I'm talking about.....

160 megapixel digital camera


"Seitz’s camera is sort of expensive (over $45,000) but it comes with a tablet PC. Including a tablet PC is a very good idea as a single image taken in the highest quality an resolution saved as a raw file takes 307 MB and 922 as uncompressed 48-bit tiff. The camera takes a whole second to save a full-resolution 7,500×21,500 image, but there can be no question about the quality."

With a single 10 sheet box of film now costing as much as someone gets a week on the Dole (providing you can find some), along with the rising lab costs and persecution that comes from shooting film, Is it any wonder I almost swallowed my Espresso cup when I seen this.

Maybe its time to switch. And perhaps kidnap someone...


mark page said...

Still got to do the printing though. I've just seen a Donovan Wylie digi print at The Whitworth that was truely shocking. He uses one of those high end Hasselblad super medium format thingy's and the print was over sharped and clipped out to fuck in the whites.

marcus doyle said...

I was talking with some other photography friends about this camera and they both thought the camera was over kill with an unnecessary large file size. But my ethic is that you could use the camera like large format because lets face it, your going to need a lot of storage space for those big files, and therefore would really think about each shot.
As for the print, well thats a whole other issue.
Hope all is well.