This thing has been going for eleven years now and I remember selling one of my first BIG prints (a 30/40"may be not so big by today's standards) in that October of 1999. It was a beautiful print (see image) made into a Diasec frame, a technique I wouldn't do these days as I question its archival qualities as the front of the print is stuck to the perspex using some clear glue.
I have some work in the AAF knocking around somewhere this year and only realised after receiving an invite this morning. Only small prints this time and no glue anywhere.

May be I will pop down and buy something then cycle off with it under my arm as the adverts would suggest. Bit stupid that.


Anonymous said...

Just discover your work! I am not a photography expert.... But I think is incredible! So beatiful!!!

marcus doyle said...

Thank you very much.