Oh Greg...

I have mentioned the epic talents of Gregory Crewdson on here several times, and why wouldn't I, the works just fabulous. I never understood peoples gripe with Crewdson and the fact he uses a huge production crew of 90 plus people to create what is basically a film still in a lot of peoples eyes. I just enjoy the work and tend not to think of how much time and money he has spent.

So what if you took all this away. The film crew, the budget, the colour, In fact the whole working process. Well I tell you what you get his latest body of work Sanctuary, that's what.

Personally I think its way off the mark and although I can understand why someone would go from such big production and back to basics I think its a pretty poor show from Crewdson. Its not bad work, its just dull boring work.

Maybe I am missing something, oh yea, the colours and the atmosphere.

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