So its the five year anniversary of Hurricane today and with it I thought I would mention Richard Misrach's Destroy This Memory. A book of 145 pages all shot on a small digital compact camera.
I am being very careful on this one and do not wish to wave the profits from other peoples misery flag. Besides all proceeds from the book are going to a charity that is helping to rebuild the community, or so I am told.

The fact that old Missy chose to shoot the whole thing on a 4 MP camera tells me two things.

1. He didn't want to be seen as jumping on the band wagon like everyone else and therefore chose a camera as far from a 10/8 as he could get.

2. As he has retired his negatives, he must of retired his camera too.

I just find the whole thing a little weird. I dont know whats worse. A 380 page book of disaster porn shot on large format by Robert Poladori. Or a 140 page book of disaster porn shot on a toy camera by Richard Misrach. What I am personally certain of is that both books will achieve the same thing in helping the people of New Orleans. Absolutely nothing.

I just find these things so unnecessary. If you want to help, either get your hands dirty and go and help rebuild the place, or donate directly to the cause (Brad Pitt done both).

Who wants to buy a book full of peoples misery and suffering..?

Just my 2p's worth, and not something I wish to dwell on.

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