108 Resurrection..

Heres a few from the old '108' project I started last year. Strictly speaking they are not 6/17 cm as my mighty Art Camera would suggest, more like 6/12 ish, but still very much Panoramic and a nice 2 to 1 ratio if you will.
The original idea was to place the border line between Scotland and England in a single frame, hence the Panoramic format, and all the images follow a similar approach in the project.
The three images here are shot on the West side of the border in and around Gretna. And in case you were wondering;
The top image is separates England and Scotland by the lamp post, the middle image by the hedge row (thought the colours worked well here), and the blue trees by the road on the right. To be honest I am not sure how accurate these are as I went off my Sat Nav so I may be a few feet out in places regarding exact measurements. But its close enough not to don a kilt and wave a sword about.

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