It's only Art..

The naivety people have towards the Art World often baffles me. The general public dont see that Art is important in any way and would quickly choose to live without it if it meant they got a free i Pad or a wide screen television. Even photographers I have spoke to dont see Art as an important part of the system (even though they are part of it) and its not long before you here the words; "Well Art's not important is it, people have more important things to buy other than Art." Yeah, they would rather spend it on plastic kitchens and recycled glass fruit bowels. But this post is not about buying any kind of Art which after all is a past time reserved for the rich who are rarely effected by the economic downturns anyway, so there.
Think about all the tens of thousands that work in the 'Art World', and I'm not talking about artists here. Then think about the thousands who visit all the big galleries most of which are free. Then think about the porters, the cleaners, the coffee makers, the security guards etc, etc working in these places (I could go on all day). Then think about your i pad and the screen saver, then think about your wide screen TV and that film your watching where my friend Billy done the set design for that certain scene. It doesn't take much to realise how much of our lives are surrounded by art. Art is important, and believe me you wouldn't want a world without it..

So Mr Jeremy Hunt, please go easy.
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