Theres a great piece over on the Magnum blog by Alec Soth (Wear Good Shoes) where twenty five photographers give their advice for young photographers (or anyone else for that matter..) thinking of taking up photography as a career. What is interesting is that most of them say the same thing which is 'stick at it' which happens to be what I would of said first hand, but after a little thought it would probably be along the lines of; "If I had any advice to give I would follow it myself.."

The most honest piece of advice I ever heard was when I was fifteen years of age and is something I have never forgotten...

Cocky youth.
"Mr Photographer. How did you manage to get all these clients, light your subjects, print your negs and make a living from photography.?"

Established, respected photographer.
"Listen here young Doyle. Why should I tell you what has taken me ten years to achieve in just ten minutes, first learn some respect.!"

Enough said..

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